Gitlab Board+ Extension

With this chrome extension you will be able to add colors on your cards in your Gitlab Boards.
This extension will also change columns color when they do no respect the limit enabled.

How It Works

Install the extension from Google Chrome Web Store. Then create a project file and share public link to your team mates.

There is two ways to create the public project file.

  • The easiest one is to create an account on the admin application here.
  • The other way is to store a json file somewhere accessible over http or https to your team members.

Once you have a json project file, open the extension option page and attach the project to your browser.
Then open the board and you should see the card colored as you wish.
For WIP limit on your board you need to label the column with the WIP limit in parenthesis ie : Doing (4). This will activate a WIP limit to 4 for the column Doing.


You can declare an issue on the API (manager) application here : Gitlab Board+ Manager Issue Tracker.
You can also develop on the main extension, the project is here : Gitlab Board+ Google Chrome Extension.

The Project JSON object Format

    "id": 1,
    "name": "DEMO",
    "boardUrl": "",
    "slug": "0f5377a0-3534-11e8-9267-37b1f3137daa",
    "tags": [
            "label": "bug", // The label to find
            "color": "#f6a600" // The color to display card


Material Dashboard
This extension is using theme from Creative Tim. Material Design.
This theme, use some other libraries like Bootstrap, or jQuery
RĂ©mi Goyard
I created this extension and make it open source. Here is my website :